Jim Makos Photography and Resources

Jim Makos is an amateur photographer from Greece, shooting with a dSLR camera. Portfolio includes landscapes, people, nature, food, and street photography.
Jim Makos Photography and Resources

I am a photography enthusiast. I discovered photography as a hobby when I began taking photos of my daughter when I became a dad. Since then I have been using DSLR, mirrorless and other cameras. Although I found a passion for filmmaking, photography techniques have come in handy. Of course, pictures help tell a story better on the web, thus photography goes hand in hand with my writing online.

I have been uploading my best photos on Flickr.

You can find the five most recent articles I wrote about I wrote about photography here.


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Photography Gear

I used to list my cameras, lenses and other gear here but since technology evolves, I find it difficult to keep this page up to date. Thus, you can check out the equipment I use at kit.co.

Photography Software and Film Emulations

  1. Editing software: Adobe Lightroom
  2. Film emulation software: VSCO, VSCOcam, IWLTBAP, Lutify.Me

Photography tools and other resources

  1. SmugMug: Store, share, and even sell your photos.
  2. Windowed.io: Manage Instagram from your desktop.
  3. Photonstophotos.net: Compare the dynamic range for multiple cameras.
  4. LonelySpeck: How to find the Milky Way.
  5. CameraDecision: Camera specs comparison website.
  6. CameraSize: Compare the size of all cameras and lenses.
  7. Petges.lu: Change the file properties of your photos, like the date they were captured.