10 Reasons Why Online Casino Games are Gaining Rapid Popularity

10 Reasons Why Online Casino Games are Gaining Rapid Popularity

When poker players opt to play online, they are anonymous. The screen name made for the website you are playing on should not reflect your name at all. This is the ideal opportunity to play with people all around the world, even friends and family members, without knowing the other is playing.


Less Risk

There is much less financial risk playing poker online. Options to play for credits or fake money is an option at most sites, such as the 32Red online casino where playing in arcade mode is selectable. The idea of using online poker websites is to only gamble what you can afford to lose.

No Travel Expenses

You don’t have to travel the world to play in an intense poker tournament. Online tournaments are just as competitive. You never know you could be at a table with a poker celebrity and not even know it. The only expense is keeping an internet connection available and a home PC to play on.

Lower Entry Fees

To play in an online poker tournament, the fees are often very low. Even to play daily, there are often incentives in place that will get you more cash to play with. In tournaments where you are merely gaining experience and play for credits or fake money, there are no entry fees. The just for fun tournaments are entertaining and help you to understand the game’s fundamentals better. This is an ideal situation for beginners.

Some are No Risk

When speaking of no-risk websites and tournaments, this means that you are playing for tokens, or fake money. The virtual money means nothing in real life. It just provides a status for online play that says you know how to play and do it well.


Less Pressure

When there is little monetary risk, the pressure is much less. This means that you can spend more time viewing what other players are doing and can take some time to perfect your own game. This is a friendly, yet competitive situation for those that like to play for fun or smaller stakes. It is ideal to play small tournaments at first to get the hang of the tournament circuit online as it is more for fun and to try to win a little bit of extra money.

Play Anytime

The game is always on when you play poker online. Tournaments are available around the clock. Night owls can enjoy a great tournament before bed and those that are up early in the morning can get in a short tournament before work. There are hundreds of online tournaments to take part in and there doesn’t have to be a specific day or time to play unless it is a big tournament you want to take part in.

Variety of Games

There is a wider variety of poker games to play online. This includes non-traditional game types as well as Texas Hold ‘Em and classic poker. This is a good place for women to get started playing poker also. The fundamentals of the game are able to be picked up on rather quickly. Tutorials for non-traditional game types along with a few options to learn the some tricks or strategies are also available.


planet-poker-lobbyNo one will know who you are unless your screen name reflects your name. This makes the game less personal and it puts less pressure on players. There could be a poker superstar at the table with you and you’d never know. No one has to see your poker face, or the fact that you don’t have one either. The only person that will know you are playing online is you, and perhaps the person you share a bank account with.

Social Acceptance

Online poker is more socially acceptable. It is something that most consider to be a leisurely activity that is played for fun. Many people do not realize that online poker is played for real money. Most just think it is something to pass the time and is played for fake coinage.

No Boundaries

There are no boundaries as far as the setting, attire, type of game or jackpot in an online situation. No boundaries also means that anyone can enter a tournament or join a table regardless of where they live in the world. The rules of poker are universal. The variety of different game types along with the modes of play breaks all of the boundaries of traditional poker tournaments. There are tables for free play, those that put in only a minimal amount and the high rollers.


Playing online can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than playing in a casino or closed tournament. It is important to gamble responsibly. Join a few tournaments to practice. When your skills are much improved, consider partaking in a pay tournament for real money.