Personal Finance as an Adult

As a kid, no one told me anything about personal finance. Find out what worked for me as I'm undoing the damage caused by a lack of education.
Personal Finance as an Adult

Personal finance is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot lately. 

But as a kid, no one told me anything about it, ending up in the rat race instead of being financially free now, despite the money I made.

Personal finance is like a big treasure chest full of ways to handle our money. It's not just about having money but also knowing what to do with it.

We can learn to save some of our income for things we really want, like a cool car or a fun day out. But it's also about being smart—thinking ahead about how to use our money for things we need, like food and fuel, or maybe even saving for something really special when we're older, like our kids' college or retirement.

Understanding personal finance can be easy when you break it down into small, manageable steps. The way it works for me is in this order: savings - budgeting - investing - retirement.

Personal finance helps us make decisions about our money so we can do awesome things now and in the future! It's like having a map to help us find the best path for our money adventures. With this map, we have the power to make personal finance feel less like balancing a unicycle on a tightrope while juggling flaming dollar bills!

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Savings is like having our own secret stash of treasures. When we get some money, like our salaries or special fees, instead of spending it all at once, we keep some aside in a special place, like a savings account at the bank. This money isn't for right now—it's for later, for things we really, really want or might need in the future.

It's kind of like collecting shiny rocks on the beach. We keep some in our pocket to play with, but we also save some in your treasure box at home. Those saved rocks might become something really cool later, like making a pretty necklace or building a sandcastle.

Savings is like collecting those shiny rocks for a rainy day or to help us get something really special when the time is just right.

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Alright, picture this: you're at the helm of your financial ship, steering through the vast sea of expenses and income.

Budgeting is like your trusty navigation system—it helps you chart a course toward your goals and aspirations while keeping your financial vessel afloat. Whether you're aiming to save for a dream vacation, prepare for retirement, or simply ensure you can handle life's curveballs, budgeting equips you with the tools to manage your money wisely.

I like breaking down the essence of budgeting and offering practical insights and strategies to help us gain control of our finances and sail toward a more secure future.

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Imagine investing as a way of planting seeds to grow a magical money tree. You put your money into different things, like companies or ideas you think will grow big and strong, just like watering a plant. And guess what? Over time, those seeds can grow into something more valuable, giving you more money to use later on!

I enjoy exploring the exciting world of investing, explaining how it works, and sharing tips on how we can make our money grow by choosing the right places to put it. It's like making our own special garden of money that can grow and help us do amazing things in the future!

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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is like setting up a big adventure for our future self! You know how sometimes you plan a really fun trip in advance? Well, retirement is like planning the ultimate, super-awesome trip for when you finish working. It's making sure that when we're done with our job, we have enough money to do all the things we dream about, like traveling, spending time with family, or just relaxing without worrying about money.

So, when we're working, we put aside a bit of our paycheck into something called a retirement fund. It's like a treasure chest that grows over time, making sure we have enough coins to have the best adventure ever when we stop working. It's super important because it's like preparing for the biggest, most exciting journey of our life—our time to do whatever makes us happiest when we're not working anymore! And maybe, that isn't that far away if we follow a few steps.

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