A Guide to Personal Development by a Work-from-home Guy

Here's what worked for me in personal development to not turn into a couch potato or have negative self-talk drive me nuts!
A Guide to Personal Development by a Work-from-home Guy

Younger Jim never cared for his well-being or for building healthy habits.

But as I got older, priorities shifted, and personal development came first on the list.

Now, as a middle-aged dad who's embraced working from home, I embarked on a transformative path, witnessing the power of small changes that led to significant shifts.

In the pursuit of personal development, the journey often starts from within. It's about fostering a healthier lifestyle, enhancing productivity, and cultivating positive habits. By doing these things—eating better, organizing my time, and making good habits—I've changed a lot for the better, both physically and mentally.

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First off, being healthy! I've been eating better food, like lots of yummy veggies and fruits, instead of things that aren't so good for me. And guess what? I've been walking so much—I aim for over 10,000 steps every day! It's like going on an adventure and it makes me feel super happy and full of energy.

And it's not a waste of time, since I'm listening to podcasts and audiobooks in my walks, learning about entrepreneurship, business and marketing! All this also helped me avoid negative self-talk.

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Then there's doing more stuff without getting tired. Since I work from home, I have to make sure I use my time wisely. So, I've learned how to organize my day better. This way, I get lots of work done but still have time for fun things with the family.

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And lastly, I've been working on my habits. You know, those things we do every day without thinking about them? Well, I've been experimenting with some cool new things each day, like tracking calories and stressing my body. It helps me feel more enthusiastic for the day ahead and I sleep like a baby!

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