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Bet Angel and BFExplorer: Sports Trading Software in Betfair

Bet Angel and BFExplorer: Sports Trading Software in Betfair

If you are looking for sports trading software in Betfair, here is a side to side comparison of Bet Angel and BFExplorer. I traded 3 horse racing markets using both trading platforms and recorded today’s trading video. Both trading programs have charting capabilities, adequate refresh rates, ladder interface and quick response times. Everything a serious sports trader should have in his arsenal.

Although I submitted my orders through Bet Angel Professional, the profit would probably be the same if I had used BFExplorer‘s trading program. Surely a trading software isn’t that essential for Betfair trading. I have already shown in past trading videos how to make money trading with Mozilla Explorer or any other web browser. However, a sports trading software will give you even more edge in your trading or scalping, considering the charting tools and speed of a trading platform. One-click bet submission will put you ahead of the competition and real-time charts will help you point out the resistance and support levels.

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Regarding my actual Betfair trading in today’s sports trading video, I followed the money and made use of the support and resistance levels. Especially in the 16:45 race, the resistance level found at 4.80 was proven quite worthy, leading me to trade profitably. Notice though that although I’m eagerly waiting to submit the order as soon as the uptrend reverses, I still don’t manage to place my order first. Immediately I move my order one tick below in order to get it matched and profit from the odds movement. I believe that is a remarkable example of a Betfair trader’s required speed. Other than that, favorites, which are traded at 1.30 or lower, attract a lot of liquidity with minor odds movement. Patience and caution are the requirements of a sports trader under those circumstances.

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