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Betfair Charts and Sports Trading In-play

Betfair Charts and Sports Trading In-play

After reading about the trading options before kick-off , let’s see now what the game between Liverpool and Milan in the Champions Cup final really offered to the bettors and mainly traders in-play.

Milan started trading at 2.50, climbed to 3.25 just before the foul kick, and fell to 1.50 when Inzaghi score. A trader could have backed before the goal scoring and then laying either when he scored, or after waiting for some more profits, which indeed was true as Liverpool wasn’t scoring. On the second goal the odds reached 1.01 and the late Liverpool’s goal didn’t affect at the Milan odds.

Then we see the Over 2.5 goals chart, which had big variance, and we shouldn’t forget that is was a winning bet. While it was not a favorite prior to the kick-off, the odds began at 2.50 (lay), and before the first goal we could back at about 6.0 securing big profits. Even if we didn’t back then, we could still close our position without losses right after the goal (since odds fell to 2.50 again), or we could wait for the second half to kick in when the odds drifted up to 13.00, offering the inital layer a lot of profits. Still, even after 2-0, the odds continued to be traded higher than 2.50, giving us the opportunity to profit without risking anything before Liverpool scored the 3rd goal. However, had we not backed at all, we would have lost all the inital amount.

Now, let’s say someone had started by backing over 2.5 right before the foul kick (6.0). He could lay at 3.0 after the first goal. Another option is backing at the second half (odds 10.00) and trade out at 4.0(2-0)  or even let it run and win his bet at odds of 10.0!!

Another interesting bet was Over 4.5 goals which also had big variance as we can see from the graph. It sould be noted here that this kind of bet could be combined with the above (over 2.5), according to what we’ve mentioned about Combining bets. While the “over 2.5” bet was a winner, this one lost and we could also keep an eye on “over 3.5 goals” which might offer good trading opportunities.

Here, we see the graph of one of the asian handicap bets which was offered before and after the kick off. We could trade it as well by backing at 2.10 and laying at 1.40 for some nice profits.

The last graph shows a long-term bet, known as “Champions League Winner”, particularly for Milan. Innumerous trading capabilities in the whole Champions League duration from the very start and not just for the last day. Continuous opportunities for trading, mainly by backing first and laying for closing the position. Worth mentioning the peeks of the graphing line, which represent tough games for Milan, when they actually even faced elimination.

Lastly, we should take account the more than impressive fact that NO aforementioned bet or trade did actually depend on the final result! As a matter of fact, we traded the odds in relation to the events during the game and the championship. Bettors/traders could have secured protifs by trading without waiting for the final minute or the final outcome.

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