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Multiple niche websites or a single website to rule them all?

Niche websites carry a lot of value and potential, either for advertising or as resale value. Yet, managing many niche websites may lead you to lose focus.
Multiple niche websites or a single website to rule them all?

For months now I am wondering; did I make the right decision to create different websites for each niche I write (and care) about? Or would I be better sticking to a single website, filling it up with several of things? Both solutions have their points.

First, a brief summary of my web presence for newcomers to my blog.

10 years ago I started this very blog, JimMakos.com, using my pseudonym as the domain name. Fast forward 5 years later, I launched 3 more websites, each targeting a different niche. Till then, I was discussing everything in this blog. Since then, I’ve been posting my financial articles at TradingGraphs.com, my online betting articles at BetStories.com and my Greek posts (I’m a Greek guy) at StoiximaOnline.com.

While a couple of them have had moderate success (if you consider 1,000 visits/day a success), it has become a burden to maintain all those niche websites.

If I feel strongly about anything, I get overwhelmed with emotion.EMMA STONE

Let me remind you that a blog isn’t just about adding posts and updating WordPress. Each niche website has social media profiles, a YouTube channel, email accounts and advertising deals to name a few add-ons. Not to mention the need to learn the ins and outs of the template each website is built with. And all those tasks require both time and work. And both of them are limited for me, now that I’m raising a family.

Why you should have different websites for specific niches

I keep reading this advice for too long now. Do you want to talk about climbing? Start a climbing blog. Do you want to discuss photography? Start a photography blog. Interested in running or weight-lifting? Start a fitness blog. You get the idea.

The point is to make your niche website stand out from the rest in that niche. People should refer to your blog, when asked:

What is your recommended blog to follow for <enter hobby here>?

So, the first thing that comes to mind is to include that hobby name in the blog’s domain name. If a blog’s name features the word “photo”, chances are it is a photography-related blog. If instead, you opted for an all-around blog, the domain name will struggle to include all the topics discussed therein. You’ll end up using categories or subdomains to add that precious keyword.

Using that keyword-targeted domain name, you are now much better off creating social media profiles that clearly state the scope of your business. YouTube channels, Pinterest boards and Twitter handles that include the word “fitness” or “gaming” will acquire like-minded subscribers and followers. And we all know the benefit of having targeted audience.

My main focus is on my game.TIGER WOODS

Long story short, your niche website will always show your hobby-related articles along with hobby-related images. For an even better performance, the general advice is to look for a micro-niche inside the niche you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in finance, you should start a niche website specifically on “stock options trading”, instead of trying to include all things finance. Much like I have at TradingGraphs.com, eagerly anticipating to compete with MarketWatch and Financial Times. Fail, obviously.

Finally, creating an entirely new brand name will stand a better chance if you are planning to sell your project in the future. JimMakos.com will attract just a few investors, compared to an established non-personal online betting niche website with a catchy name. Surprisingly, BetStories.com comes to mind.

Why I am thinking of killing my niche websites and returning here

Been there, done that and having to keep so many niche websites updated all by myself has taken its toll. Yes, I know. The delegation of tasks to others should be my number one priority (I too have the read Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour work week). Yes, I also know of the potential when adding value in several niche websites. But maybe I’m one of those entrepreneurs who cannot delegate efficiently, do not trust anyone and think that no one is perfect enough to help.

The first time the alarming bell set off inside my brain was when I received an email. The sender informed me that they would be unsubscribing from my blog’s RSS feed. Their reason? The subpar and over-promoting articles I had been featuring in my blog. The blame was on guest posting and sponsored posts that I kept publishing, instead of my actual writing (money is sweet).

Readers were alienated and found themselves following a blogger, who didn’t blog.

In fact, I did blog, although at my other niche websites. That led me to neglect my main blog, the one you are currently reading these lines. And although it had been quite popular among gamblers at that time (due to my success at sports trading), I kicked the bucket. I had shifted my focus elsewhere, eventually driving all visitors away.

If you’ve lost focus, just sit down and be still.CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTES

Surely, my blog’s domain name does not feature a single meaningful keyword. But maybe that turns out a good thing. I am talking about the gambling and iGaming business. I am blogging about online betting and sports trading. I am writing how I am trading stocks, forex and futures at the stock markets worldwide. I am also sharing tips on how to build websites and improve your writing skills, having done that all these years. And lately, I’m much more into photography than ever before.

What kind of keyword can reflect all those?

And in all honesty, despite all the effort, my personal YouTube channel still acquires the most subscribers every day, compared to my other channels. And it’s been years since I uploaded a new video there! Yes, videos posted at other channels do attract a lot of positive votes. Maybe it’s time to publish them in my own channel and reward my subscribers for their loyalty all those years!

Do I sound decided yet? Far from it. I am still feeling confused, that is why I am reaching out. What do you think? Should I keep different niche websites for each hobby of mine, or should I revert back to this personal blog and ditch the rest? What would you do?

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