The Freedom of Working from Home with a Family

Discover what worked for me, enjoying total freedom as a work-from-home guy for 20 years. Even while raising a family.

The Freedom of Working from Home with a Family

In my pursuit of happiness, freedom comes first.

But family and work quickly replace that. And while the family is here to stay, there is a line of work where freedom isn't sacrificed. And it's called solo entrepreneurship.

I am a work-from-home dad and a web entrepreneur. I have turned some hobbies of mine into a "day job," although I have no boss, no work schedule, no shifts, and no daily commute. Working from home has allowed me to feel free during my entire life.

My regular work nowadays consists of creating content and web publishing.

I work to make a difference, not a paycheck.
Write something worth reading or do something worth writing. - Benjamin Franklin

I enjoy writing articles, attaching high-quality images (mine or creative commons-licensed) to them. Sometimes I will couple those with a short video, as well, for a much pleasant experience! I emphasize on giving a personal feel to my articles than producing lifeless posts. My content is meant for humans and not for robots. I want my content to be found and people to engage with it, not lost in the internet abyss.

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