My Investing Journey from Buying High to Smart Decisions

I used to buy high and sell low (not a typo). Find out what worked for me, as I am investing my money in smarter ways today - no, you're not late.

My Investing Journey from Buying High to Smart Decisions

Making money by risking money. That's what investing is in a nutshell.

I buy low and sell high. Well, at least that's the theory. It doesn’t matter what I am investing in as long as its price can be put on a chart. So, I often discuss investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, which make up a big part of my net worth.

But investing, a crucial part of personal finance, doesn't end there. I may invest in real estate or startups from the comfort of my home. And whatever I do, I always write it down somewhere.

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Since the first time I got into online trading, right after I was done with sports trading, I became active in the financial communities by participating in trading forums. Recently, social networking has become a thing in investing and online trading.

I joined TradingView and StockTwits networks, where I share charts and investing ideas as they cross my mind. Follow me as you would on Facebook or Twitter.