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An interview of a Stock Scalp Trader that shocked me

I was trading the Betfair betting markets some years ago and my technique was towards scalping, so reading about an interview of a stock scalp trader sounded interesting. However I was totally shocked of what the stock scalper confessed in that interview given to the popular community web site for traders, I was so… Continue reading

Does technical analysis really work in Betfair Trading?

Technical analysis is popular in financial markets like the stock exchange. Since Betfair is a betting exchange and odds fluctuate like stock prices one could say that technical analysis may also be applied to the Betfair betting graphs. Betfair trading has quite a few differences compared to stock or forex trading though, but basic technical… Continue reading

Bullish Reversal Candlestick Patterns

The bullish reversal candlestick patterns are important formations in technical analysis and help to identify changes in direction of price action. According to their reliability they are divided among three categories but most of them require bullish confirmation and an existing downtrend. Of course, other aspects of technical analysis should be used besides candlesticks for… Continue reading

Betting graph technical analysis of Royal Ascot horse racing markets

Nowadays there is huge interest for betting in horse racing due to the Royal Ascot taking place and a lot of money is risked on those betting markets. The volume traded in Betfair Ascot’s markets almost always exceeds the one million mark, differentiating their odds movement behavior a bit. Let’s take a look at a… Continue reading

Does internet speed affect your Betfair trading?

Having started trading the Betfair markets with a dial-up internet connection in 2004, I can guarantee that your internet speed matters a lot in your trading performance. Apart from having fast refresh times which means always knowing what is going on, your orders are executed much faster. Broadband speed is very important if you trade… Continue reading

How to use betfair graphs in long-term football trading

Applying technical analysis on Betfair graphs can make money by trading even long term football events. Champions League 2008/09 has reached the semi final stage and upon looking at the 4 teams’ betting graphs regarding the winner of the competition, we can draw basic trend lines along with support and resistance lines. Technical analysis will… Continue reading

Pattern formations with entry and exit points in Betfair graphs

We already talked about support and resistance levels and trendlines when applying technical analysis in Betfair graphs. Pattern formations though are literally hundreds in technical analysis. Given the fact that Betfair graphs don’t provide the necessary detail like stock charts, a thorough study of formations and technical analysis isn’t needed apart from basic terms. Despite… Continue reading

Support and Resistance of Candlesticks in Betfair Charts

We talked about support and resistance levels in Betfair horse racing charts but how about candlesticks formations in the graphs? The candlesticks provide more detailed charts and a lot more information, but if you are not aware of them you shouldn’t worry. We can still make money trading in Betfair using trendlines, support and resistance… Continue reading

Technical analysis: Support and Resistance Levels in Betfair Graphs

Betfair trading is all about odds movement. By learning basic terms of technical analysis like support and resistance, and applying them to Betfair graphs, we are able to make money by correctly predicting them. I included 7 betfair graphs from yesterday’s horse racing betting markets in this article and I try analyzing and discussing the… Continue reading

Betfair trading in football betting can make you money before kick off

G10vanni7, a Greek Betfair trader, has just published in his betting blog an image proving that trading football games before the kick off can make you money. Most betfair traders trade the UK horse racing markets while others prefer trading the odds during a football game, when the in-play odds move a lot. However, another… Continue reading