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Sports Trading: Trend is your friend in Betfair trading

Trend is your friend and today’s sports trading video is a prime example of that. Betfair trading is not that difficult if we follow simple rules when trading the horse racing betting odds with Bet Angel Pro. In this Betfair trading video I traded 2 horse racing markets with small stakes and while the first horse race didn’t go that well, the estamblished downtrend in the second one made online trading easier for me. If only I hadn’t believed in that last Breakout formation in the chart which cost me half of my winnings, although Breakouts have made me money before!

I have uploaded almost ten Betfair trading videos up to now and I think those who are just starting out trading the odds in Betfair might have got some clue as to how the betfair markets behave and how we can make money from them even with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Online trading may look difficult in the beginning but if mastered, the skilled horse racing trader will make serious money. Enjoy the video and leave any remarks or questions as a comment below.