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Working from home and family, can we make them work?

Working from home and family, can we make them work?

The truth is I began having second thoughts about this whole daily blogging thing. Mostly because I do not have a specific topic to discuss. So, I thought of writing about one today.

I’ll write about the combination of raising a family and working from home. And more specifically – for this text anyway – about being with the family away from home and still working!

Like now, that I am writing these lines from the swimming school, where our 2-year-old daughter is having her first swimming lessons.

It’s difficult. At first, it’s very, very difficult. I don’t have to show any work done for several months after she’s born. Professionally inactive. At least, that was me. You feel like everyone around you is passing you by and you are left back. A lot back. As time goes by, though, you rediscover yourself, you get it together, you begin taking baby steps again, you get the hang of it and finally you step back a little and acknowledge that you really don’t have the time to do everything.

Even more, you cannot do everything perfect.

Personally, I decided to do such one thing perfectly, accepting the cost that will have on the rest. And that’s to become the best dad possible.


So, sooner or later your new routine is back. You know where and when you are expecting to have a few minutes to spend on your work.

The work, which for the most past is web work or online work. I do not know of other work, I know about working online, which sometimes seem like not working at all or lousy work. Huh, even now that I’m writing this text on my phone, my wife is wondering how I can do that on a coffee table next to a granita.

Most of the times, though, work isn’t about writing. Work is also replying to emails, checking the latest news from your industry, updating WordPress and solving domain problems on-the-go, have an online meeting via Skype. All these can be done on the road and all these are considered work. They all belong to a broader context of work for a self-employed or web entrepreneur. They bring money to the table one way or another.

Years ago, when I used to be an advantage gambler, I would track betting odds. I would read a poker book. I would load some stock charts looking for trends, or save a bunch of them for studying at home. Now that I’m into photography and videography – more like addicted to – I am practising constantly. I film everything. Even now that I’m writing this very article.

Imagine that I’m thinking of turning this blog post into a nice vlog, which is in fashion nowadays. Should I?

And suddently, the swimming class is over. I have to interrupt my writing and continue from home when the baby girl is asleep.

Yes, you can make it happen. Working from home and raising a family is difficult. It’s extremely difficult if you want to spend constructive time with the kid and do not intend to leave his/her raising to others. Having chosen this line of work allows you to do just that and be with your kid if you wish.

I’m 24 hours with my family. Inside and outside of the house. That has taken a toll on my work efficiency, performance, and productivity. I’ve accepted that and since then, I am a happy dad. Certainly not a successful entrepreneur, but bills are being paid, I’m working by doing my hobbies and I get to watch my child growing up every day next to me. Really, is there anything else I could ask for?

P.S.: The images are stills from the footage I filmed this morning. So much for the vlog I promised above. Here are some more.

Featured photo by kryzhov/Shutterstock.

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