Writing is the Backbone of my Content Creation Business

Every piece of content I create online starts with writing. Here is what worked for me to write quicker, better stories.

Writing is the Backbone of my Content Creation Business

"Guys, I need to read Jim's essay to you. It's something else."

That's what my English teacher told the class in high school.

I was shocked.

Somehow, I knew I had written a good essay. But I never expected the teacher, who had studied in the USA, to agree with me, let alone read the thing to the whole class. 👀

"Winter of '96," he began reading my essay.

"Guys, even the beginning is special. A simple, short sentence. No verb."

Little did I know as a high school student that this kind of writing would prevail in the internet era! A common piece of writing advice nowadays is to write as if you're writing to a 6-year-old kid. Use simple words. Write short sentences. Avoid adjectives. Be direct. No passive voice. 🤯

Unintentionally, I seemed to do exactly that at school, where you are asked to write as complicated as possible and use the most bizarre words to prove your English vocabulary is rich.

I still remember that day. It was when I fell in love with writing. Why?

Writing made me stand out in class!

Perhaps writing will make you stand out on the internet!

What to Write About?

But writing begins long before... writing. It starts with an idea.

My high school essay already provided the idea. In fact, it was one of my favorite kinds of essays to write. You were given a sentence, and you should start or end the essay with that sentence. I always chose to end my essays with that sentence since it created curiosity!

Today I never run out of writing ideas. I seem to have conquered writer's block. You can do it, too.

Write down every idea that comes unexpectedly during your day (or night, especially!)

When you sit down to write, you'll have a plethora of topics and ideas to work on! That's how I'm able to write and publish a blog post every day. By keeping a database of literally hundreds of ideas, I've had randomly over the past years!

But it's when I'm staring at the blank white screen that procrastination kicks in. I may have the idea, but I need a spark to get going. Delaying the writing process leads, in turn, to failing to maintain consistency.

  1. How do I start?
  2. What title will perform the best?
  3. What's the best hook for keeping the reader interested in what I've got to say?

If that wasn't enough, the work isn't finished after the writing is done. Editing, proofreading, and optimizing the piece for search engines come into play in the web publishing industry.

Practice makes perfect. So, as I improve my writing workflow and find new tools that make the writing task quicker, easier, and more enjoyable, I make sure to share whatever works for me.

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Over 20 years of writing online, I've realized the immense value of clear, compelling writing. The ability to communicate effectively is not just a skill but a craft that requires continuous improvement and dedication.

Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Throughout my journey, which started in that English class, I've encountered resources that have significantly helped me hone my writing skills. These, in turn, enabled me to connect more deeply with my audience here.

These resources range from websites offering grammar assistance to those providing inspiration for storytelling and content creation. By sharing these with you, I am cultivating a community of better communicators and storytellers.