Watch out for my gambling blog!

You just found my blog! Great! Now let me tell you what my blog is all about.


ambling, sports betting, stock trading, online investing and poker are my hobbies. They are also quite lonely hobbies if you are doing them from home. So, here I am all alone trying to reach out there for other hobbyists, hopefully like yourself. Consider this post my brief introduction and my first attempt to become friends with you through my gambling blog.

Why is my gambling blog different than the rest?

Actually it isn’t. It is just a blog where the blogger – that’s me – is discussing about the latest news of the gambling industry with the blog’s visitors – that’s you. Big deal; that is what every other gambler is doing to their gambling blog.

Don’t expect a punch line at this point. This gambling blog is just like any other regular blog that features:

  • Quality posts: I try my best here creating good content. Good English content. And it’s a bit difficult if you consider I come from Greece! Although I double and triple check every sentence, my posts will have more mistakes than the average blog post you are laying eyes on.  So, I will take whatever criticism comes my way and I promise I will try to improve. All the time. My goal is to publish meaningful and grammatically correct articles in my gambling blog at all costs.
  • Eye-opening topics: Sure, I could write how much money I won last month (although I shouldn’t) or even better, how much I lost on a single poker hand (a lesson to be learnt). But that won’t interest you and I doubt it would be beneficial for the readers of my gambling blog. On the contrary, there is a lot more value in posts where I argue whether poker is dead, or if online gambling can fit right into your daily schedule. I have already published hundreds of posts, but admittedly the majority of them are below par and in all honesty I hope you never find them (I did delete many though)! You see, I didn’t regard blogging as a serious business as I have now. Thus, I am looking to post topics that will stun the readers of my personal gambling blog.
  • Authentic community: Building a community through a blog is tough, I won’t lie to you. I need people to comment on my posts. That’s you again! Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one who can leave a comment. Despite the ironclad spam filters, spammers and haters keep trolling online. I won’t go easy on them. I do encourage productive discussion and by safeguarding the comment section, I am attempting to build trust among the community of my gambling blog.
  • Honest and fearless content: This is my personal blog if anything else. I am not afraid of sharing my views, no matter who thinks otherwise. Of course, I will also back up my words with evidence when needed. I am not going to post bogus information or fake images for the sake of traffic. If you read it in my gambling blog, you can bet it is the absolute truth.

So, this is my blog. My poker, investing and gambling blog. But it doesn’t have to stop there. I also blog about technology, new hardware or software and whatever I learnt the hard way by blogging online.

Yes, yes, I know, every blog out there should target a specific niche.

Well, not mine.

I could build several blogs with a separate niche each and connect the dots. Yet, I chose differently. I chose to have this very blog as a place where I may share whatever I think will benefit the visitors. Visitors such as yourself who can either be interested in gambling, blogging, investing or technology.

I do have built other blogs, but none is as personal as this blog.

This gambling blog is more like a personal diary and you all have the keys to it!

If you have made it this far, I guess you would be interested in finding more about me.

What do you think? Can we be friends?