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43 Dollars per Hour at Poker Micro Stakes, +7BI Day

A quick post of yesterday’s +7 buy-ins day at $50NL, including some hopefully interesting poker stats. Friday has been the fourth winning day in a row this month playing at micro stakes. I ran at 16bb/100 or 8BB/100, although the W$SD% stat was disappointing at just 46%, hurting my overall W$SD% that is one of my poker leaks! I have managed to play 5 hours on average for 6 days in a row with only one losing day (Tuesday). During the 24.5K hands the EV adjusted winrate reads 10.55bb/100, which is exactly the same as my maximum expectation of 5BB/100! In fact, I didn’t believe I could perform better than 4BB/100 at micro stakes nowadays.

When I moved up to 50NL poker tables, I had already set my maximum possible winrate of 25NL at 5BB/100. Therefore moving up stakes would likely lead to less profitability, due to more difficult opponents. Yet, here I am making 5BB/100 in 25K hands that isn’t such a small sample after all. Still I’m sticking with the initial plan of playing at 50NL for 50,000 hands before considering moving up to small stakes (100NL). The Expected Value winrate is about $43/hour, almost earning a whole buy-in per hour. When I move up to 100NL, I’d be targeting a $70/h winrate and hopefully by the time you see me at $200NL again after so many months, my profit target will be set at half a buy-in per hour.

If I can keep up at this pace and my performance is inside those limits, I should move up to 200NL in May and will likely stay there for many weeks, before even thinking of a return to medium stakes