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Family First, Bicycle Second and a Photoshoot

Family First, Bicycle Second and a Photoshoot

They say, document, don’t create. And that’s what I have been doing since the lockdown was lifted.

First, I didn’t stop being a dad, of course. I get annoyed by people shouting family first in their online profiles, only to work on their business 24/7. Nothing wrong with hustling and building a business that provides for your family, just don’t declare yourself a family man when you spend no more than half an hour a day with your kids. I spend half of my day with my daughter, and I don’t even mention I have a family in my profile. In fact, now that homeschooling has been the standard, I can count the hours I was not with her with one hand. The lockdown did come with some benefits, as she learned how to ride a bicycle during the lockdown. Shhh, I know some are looking forward to the next one!

Although exercising was strongly recommended as we were stuck at home for weeks, I didn’t ride my bicycle more than twice all this time. I much preferred my favorite morning walks, sometimes even before the sunrise. Empty streets and parks provide the necessary silence for my favorite sport: overthinking!

However, as long as I have a camera with me, I’m less inclined to waste my time thinking instead of taking action.

What’s better than taking photos and shooting videos for yourself? Do that with another person who shares your passion and has a project in hand. My friend, Olga, had partnered with a bag company and was looking to promote a product. Who you gonna call? Jim Makos!

But that’s not all that took place the past month. I began sending a newsletter and launched a couple of new websites. We’ll talk about that soon. Stay subscribed!

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