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Starting a Podcast and How to Save Time Creating Episodes

As a content creator, you may wonder if you should spend time creating yet another type of content. At least, I have. So, should I be starting a podcast?

Podcasting isn’t something new. People are recording podcasts for years, but lately, their popularity has increased. As a content creator, you may wonder if you should spend time creating yet another type of content for promoting your work or business.

At least, I have. So…

Should I be starting a podcast?

Build on your strengths, avoid your weaknesses, they say.

If you are good at writing, you start a blog or write a book. If you are good at taking pictures, you dive into photography, and if you are good with video, you start a YouTube channel or a video production company.

A podcast is a natural choice for anyone good at speaking. I am not. But there’s a workaround, and I’m doing it all the time. It’s called scripting.

Although reading from a script may sound like cheating, it gets the job done. In the modern-day of marketing, quantity somehow wins over quality.

And if it works for you, who cares?

Yes, it may sound unnatural, but you can try as much as possible to be yourself. At the end of the day, people stick around because of what you have to say, not how you say it.

Besides, having a written script saves a ton of time for both the creator and the audience.

How many times have you watched a 10-minute video, only to extract value from a couple of minutes? Quite often, long videos can be summarized in a paragraph or just a sentence.

Concentrated information and value are hard to come by. A script accomplishes that, as the creator makes the most of their listeners’ time.

Most importantly, he or she respects their own time. That’s why I am considering…


Starting a podcast by repurposing content

In other words, by using this video’s audio to create my first podcast.

Distributing the same content in various formats reaches a bigger audience with less work. And no, it’s not cheating. Some prefer watching a YouTube video while others like listening to podcasts in their commute. Why not offer value in both formats? I’ll get back to the topic of repurposing content in the next episode.

For now, thank you for watching this video. Or listening to my podcast’s first episode!