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Tennis: Live Sports Trading [VIDEO]

Tennis is a popular sport to apply trading systems on. Like in stock trading, technical analysis provides excellent help to define entry and exit points while we try to make money trading tennis matches. The trading video shows how to take advantage of charting tools like FairBot, making use of trading indicators like Bollinger Bands and how to trade successfully in-play tennis games. Watching a sports trader execute his swing trades in a live tennis match means that sports trading isn’t only about horse racing and football, but tennis as well.

Ricardoespaniol from Youtube has recorded this video a year ago but I have just found it out while searching for useful and helpful sports trading videos regarding tennis. US Open is in 20 days time (Rafa Nadal to win it?) and I thought that it is a good opportunity to talk about trading sports other than the most popular ones, like football and horse racing. Of course tennis isn’t new to the sports trader. I have heard of thousands of traders dealing with tennis matches for years now. However, I don’t have any personal experience from trading live tennis games, so I decided to host a video from another sports trader.

The worst thing about the internet though, is that many people try to make money promoting their websites or ideas with stuff that don’t in fact help at all. Upon searching for tennis videos and how to apply trading strategies in Betfair markets, I bumped into videos with very catchy titles, but they offer nothing more than impressive green screens and showing no real trades or trading techniques.

Fortunately, the most valuable videos are not lost in the enormous databases and I was lucky to find this one. In my opinion the sports trader talks about fundamental analysis but at the same time offers free advice on not so basic stuff, like reversals and bollinger bands.

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